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Crack Sealing

Crack Sealing

Faster, more durable, and at a fraction of the cost


Are you tired of constantly repairing your asphalt roads? Do you want to extend the life of your pavement and save money in the long run?


If so, you should consider crack sealing as a preventive maintenance solution.


Crack sealing is the process of sealing cracks in asphalt and concrete surfaces that prevents water and debris from entering the pavement and causing further damage.


Effective, high quality crack sealing helps prevent potholes, rutting, and cracking from worsening, and can improve the appearance and safety of your roads. By delaying the need for expensive major repairs, crack sealing is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to protect your asphalt and concrete investment and keep your roads in good condition.


Crack sealing the kerb & channel joint can also be used as a practical approach of preventing weeds as an alternative to weed spray. It also improves your road as weed killer deteriorates the asphalt interface. We have had a significant reduction in weed growth in the kerb and channel since crack sealing the application – Road Manager, SA Council.


Our crack sealing process is designed to last for years, so you won’t have to worry about constantly repairing your cracks and is at a fraction of the cost of alternative treatment options. Contact us to find out how!

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Why Choose SuperSealing?


High-quality crack sealing. Best-in-class products. Skilled operators and project managers!


We provide a high-performance crack and joint sealing service to clients, delivering impressive value and long-lasting results that keep your road networks running at their peak.


SuperSealing, with over 20 years of experience and expertise in the industry, is the leading provider of crack sealing services in Australia and New Zealand, capable of handling any project from small residential streets to large highways and airports, using the best equipment and following the highest standards of safety and quality control.



Crack Sealing With Durability

Our crack sealing services provide a waterproof seal that are designed to last an average of 5-9 years and withstand harsh weather conditions. From highways to car parks, bike paths to airports, our products outperform competitors – waterproofing better and lasting longer.

Maximum Aesthetics

Choose the product that suits the look of your road. Our crack sealing products are available in a black sealant, suitable for roads and dark-coloured surfaces, or a lighter coloured sealant that’s designed to blend in with oxidised pavements; ideal for preserving the look and feel of residential areas.

Fast, Efficient and Compliant

Forget projects that drag on and drain the budget. We seal between 4000 – 8000 lineal metres per day, and our programs can be delivered with limited project management required by the client. Our systems and reporting provide peace of mind and compliance to quality systems.

A True Return on Investment

Our crack sealing saves $8 for every $1 you spend!

That equates to a stunning 800% ROI. Leading councils are improving their road networks with Super Sealing crack sealing services, saving money and spending their extra budget in areas where it’s truly needed.

Our Crack Sealing Services


Our local teams know their trade, with sealing experience across the board and a full suite of cutting-edge equipment to get the job done.


Our scope of work includes:

  • Residential streets

  • Major roads

  • Highways and freeways

  • Airport runways and taxiways

  • Flood ways

  • Car parks

  • Bike paths

  • Bridges

  • Joints

  • Trench and pavement repairs



Estimate Your Project Costs, Savings and Environmental Impact

Total Km or road to treat

Select treatment



* The figures provided are estimates and apply only to Australia. Actual costs may vary due to the location and complexity of the job.

Environmentally friendly materials

Environmental Contribution

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Environmentally friendly materials

Our products are made from environmentally gentle materials that don’t compromise on our crack sealing results.

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Recycled Materials

All our products contain recycled materials.

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Renewable Products

Concrete CamoSeal is made from renewable resins, reduces CO2 0.5T for every 1T used

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Made for Australia

Our products are made with Australia in mind, performing at their best across harsh weather conditions.

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Don’t waste any more time and money on constant patching or major upgrade works. Choose SuperSealing for a long-lasting crack sealing solution.

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5 stars – Very Professional Service


Council Engineer

Professional and reliable service.


NSW Council Works Manager

The team at SuperSealing are always there to support your needs. They provide a solution based approach, working with the client. You can be rest assured that the subject matter expertise and knowledge is passed on. The team will supply crews and products for all your needs.

Richard Horton

Airport Manager

SuperSealing are always prompt in delivering our annual crack sealing program and provide an excellent service. Warren is very friendly, helpful and obliging, especially where I have requested emergency road repairs outside of the set program. Such requests have been dealt with very efficiently.


SA Council Project Manager

SuperSealing was fantastic to work with and I would happily recommend their services to other organisations within the Aviation industry. We needed to conduct crack sealing works within a very tight timeframe and with a limited budget. The works were completed to the required standards, within the project timeframe and within budget. Their team is extremely flexible, knowledgeable and accommodating.

Carmel Hilton

Project Manager – Aviation

Great to deal with and always get the job done

Peter Mavrogenis

Asphalt Contractor

Very reliable and quality service

Justin Strunk

Asphalt Contractor