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Road Maintenance Crack Sealing Project at Metropolitan Council

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Scope of Project

The scope of the project was to conduct a road maintenance crack sealing project across 125 streets in three suburbs managed by a Metropolitan Council in Melbourne, Victoria. The project aimed to maintain and extend the life of the road network, improve road safety, and reduce the risk of potholes and pavement failures.



The planning for the project involved the identification of the streets that required maintenance from their annual road audit. The Council selected a SuperSealing based on their proven track record of providing exception value by effectively and safely waterproofing road surfaces. SuperFlex was the chosen sealant as it provided a long-lasting and durable solution. SuperSealing assessed each road, provided a detailed quotation and report, and carried out the works within a month of the initial assessment.



The outcome of the project was successful on several fronts. The life of the road network was significantly extended along with an improvement in road safety by reducing the risk of pot-holes and pavement failures. Due to these works, new asphalt resurfacing works could be delayed by years, resulting in Emission savings from the project totalling 44,000kg CO2e. The Council was pleased with the cost-effectiveness of the project, and the long-lasting nature of the crack sealing product resulted in a return on investment of 600%. Overall, the Council’s crack sealing project was a success, providing a long-lasting and cost-effective solution for the maintenance and preservation of its road network.


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