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How this Adelaide Council Improved Their Road Network with Guardtop Road Resurfacing

project scope

Scope of Project

The inner city council has a road network of over 600 kilometres. The road network was deteriorating due to ageing and oxidation of bitumen, resulting in cracks, potholes, delamination and failed pavement. The road maintenance budget was limited and the traditional asphalt resurfacing was costly and environmentally unfriendly.


The Council decided to look for a more efficient and sustainable way to preserve and improve the road network, without compromising on quality and safety. They faced resistance from some stakeholders who were used to the conventional asphalt resurfacing methods and were reluctant to change.



The engineering and surfacing managers at the Council learned about GuardTop road resurfacing, a high performing road preservation treatment that protects roads like sunscreen¹. Guardtop offers a range of benefits, such as saving 50% on lifecycle costs of roads and 90% of greenhouse emissions compared to asphalt resurfacing¹.


Guardtop also surpasses all relevant specifications for trafficable roads on residential and industrial roads, pathways, and car parks¹.


Importantly, it was less than a third of the price of asphalt resurfacing.

The council managers inspected other streets that had been resurfaced with GuardTop in neighbouring Councils. They assessed the performance and feedback from the Council engineer. They found that it extended the life of the surfacing by ensuring the retention of the existing cover aggregate².


They also received positive comments from the road users who appreciated the smooth and durable roads. However, they also learned of some challenges, such as traffic management during the application process.



They decided to use GuardTop to resurface about 20% of their annual resurfacing program instead of asphalt, aiming to create a more efficient and sustainable road infrastructure.


They faced some difficulties in securing approval for the large-scale project. They had to deal with some complaints and criticisms from some stakeholders who were still skeptical about the quality and reliability of GuardTop.


These obstacles were overcome and SuperSealing successfully completed the 20,000 square metre GuardTop road resurfacing project. They received recognition and praise from various stakeholders, such as senior management and other road authorities who were interested in adopting the same solution.

The council continued to maintain and monitor the GuardTop road resurfacing, ensuring that it met the expectations and needs of the road network. They witnessed the positive impact of GuardTop on the road network’s condition, performance, safety, and longevity.


They have continued with their GuardTop program for the following 3 years.


The council has successfully found a way to preserve and improve their road infrastructure with GuardTop.



– Resurfaced over 80,000sqm with GuardTop

– Saved 50% on lifecycle costs of roads

– Reduced greenhouse emissions by 90% compared to asphalt resurfacing

– Improved road safety and durability

– Increased public satisfaction


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