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  • Supersealing

Knox Shopping Centre

Scope of Project Knox Shopping Centre needed to fully resurface their bus terminal area which would take 6 days to complete. The terminal has up to 1000 bus movements per day by 3 different bus companies. All resurfacing work had to take place during the day and all services including bus, taxi and car park access could not be disrupted. Effective traffic, transport and pedestrian management was extremely important in providing a safe work environment and in minimising disruption to normal service during works.

Planning A meeting with all stakeholders including shopping centre management, bus company management, public transport minister and SuperSealing was held to identify all issues and parameters of works.

From this information gathering process, a Traffic Management Plan was developed which relocated all bus stops, developed a new taxi rank and outlined a plan for pedestrian movements.

This detailed TMP was accepted by all parties and was important in making all stakeholders comfortable that the changes would run smoothly and safely and not affect their business.

Allocation of Resources

  • Crews set up new bus signage, pedestrian barriers and lane closures.

  • A crew of 3 controllers patrolled the site throughout the week directing pedestrians and ensuring there were no safety issues

  • All works were conducted in accordance with the SuperSealing safety plan and site specific SWMS

Outcome Works were completed one day earlier than anticipated making the job very successful.  This was in part due to the fact that the Contractor had no disruption to works from any vehicles or pedestrians. Over the 5 days of work, there were nearly 5000 bus movements and there were no delays or issues.

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