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City of Unley - South Australia

Scope of Project The City of Unley is a council just south of the Adelaide CBD in South Australia. The council has a population of approximately 39,000 people and 469 roads under the council jurisdiction with varying years left on there design life and in varying states of repair.

The council had a strict budget and wanted to know how best to utilise the maintenance funds available. They were looking for a best practise to maintain their road assets and how best to budget for maintenance works in the years to come. Simply put, the City of Unley was looking to get the best value for their dollar.

Planning SuperSealing visually inspected every council road and rated each pavement out of 5 using the criteria below:

  • Excellent condition – As new condition, no work required

  • Good Condition - Undertake routine/planned maintenance

  • Average Condition - Need corrective action now and ongoing monitoring

  • Poor Condition - Requires major works and investment

  • Replace Condition - End of asset life reached requires replacement

These ratings gave the council a clear action pan of which roads urgently required maintenance intervention.

Upon the completion of this report, SuperSealing presented all findings to the City of Unley along with pricing of the recommended remedial works. The City of Unley took all the information provided and utilised this to design and budget their pavement maintenance and re-surfacing programs for the following and future years.

Outcome The City of Unley was able to accurately identify the road assets that were in the most urgent need of maintenance and therefore direct their budget dollars to the worst affected roads. This gave the City of Unley the best/cost outcome as they were able to focus their maintenance budget dollars on the pavements with a rating of 4 before they required major rehabilitation works. This followed on to the second year when the council was able to focus on pavements that had been rated 2 and 3.

The report provided to the City of Unley has allowed them to arrange the appropriate rectification and maintenance works for their pavements and they are now able to concentrate on extending the life of the remainder of their pavement assets thereby saving the City of Unley and it’s stakeholders potentially millions of dollars.

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